magic drop help?

ive been trying to do magic drop for like 2 months or so… i still cant figure it out. ive watched the vids on it like 100 times and i know i got the string around my thumb and index finger correctly, i just cant get it to catch the right string. any help?

ben or conner?

Search, “magic drop” in the search function, you should be able to find a few topics. Other than that, you could just wait, i can guarantee it’s not that inportant unless you plan on learning a bunch of tricks from It will be easier to understand once you are more advanced.
this is the best tut i  know

When you swing the yoyo over, keep it as close to your finger as possible. This should help the yoyo come off the string that it is supposed to let go of. It may also help to use your throw hand thumb to pull open the string in the area that it connects to your finger.

I don’t know why that’s so funny to me. I like the tricks form

But yea, watch all the videos and practice.

I had a hard time learning this trick a while ago, but then all of a sudden one day I got it. You can go on the front or back string, but I find it’s better to first learn it on the front string, as landing it on the back string is slightly harder I find. A tip I’ve found is you always have to keep your thumb pointing up. Your natural reflexes will push your thumb down as the string is coming over your thumb, but you need to practice to keep your thumb up. Once you get that, it’s so easy. And that’s the biggest tip I have, and probably the most useful, well at least for me. I hope I helped at least a little bit. :wink:

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Neither do I, the tricks at gward are great, I learned some of them myself. But if you not planning on doing a lot of them, it might be easier to do magic drop later.

Well with magic drop it helps to have a traditional shaped butterfly yoyo it is a lot harder if the yoyo is a H shape like the star series from yyf but other then that make sure that your thumb is pointing strait up the whole time

I think it’s funny because I know exactly what you meant by mentioning Your comment was very good. No disrespect here.