Madhouse Epic

I’m considering getting one. Is it on par with other metals? The capstacks look fun but I’ve heard contradictory things about it.

A friend of mine has one. It plays really nice. The stacks do make a lot of noise, but man, the yoyo itself plays smooth even with the stacks in. Honestly, I like the noise it makes. I enjoyed it. I am tempted to get one for myself too. I’m not really into stacks and stuff like that all that much, but it still plays nice. When I do get into stacks, this would be a good one to have around.

I don’t think it would make my Top 5, as I have lots of yoyo. Maybe Top 10? I really can’t say anything negative about it. I like how it looks, I like how it plays. I’ve played the Compulsion, and I want to get one of those. Mad House is another small company making some amazing yoyos.

I try to ignore a lot of negative. This is a yoyo I heard nearly nothing about before I tried it. I saw it, thought it was cool. Really, the noise might be considered a negative. That’s true with most stacked yoyos though. But, I like the noise. Not to change the subject, but I have a couple of Werrd yoyos that are beefcaked and I love that noise. They sound so nasty! As a sound person, I can swing between silence and sound. Sometimes I need sound. I get a lot of information from the sound of these yoyos making this noise.

I’d say if you’re into stacks, go for it if you can afford it.




Studio42 already gave you a great description.

I say…

Get it.