Anybody ever try the zstacked magic yoyo? How do they play?


Lemme know


They play fine. If you grab the stacks, they scream like a little girl being shoved into a blender though.


I’m a bad bad man, but I LOL’d.

The n9 in particular is a really good player. I only played it WITH the stacks, but without actually using the stacks TOOOooo much. In other words, it’s not just an interesting yoyo because of the stacks; it stands on its own were you to remove them.


If it is not a Yoyofactory yoyo it is not a hubstack.


True fact.


Thank you for reminding me. I need a Champions Edition SuperStar. I have a stacked one and I love it, but I think the Champions edition(which is non-stacked) is really gonna work well for me.


Let’s call them spinny things on the sides :smiley:


Omg!!! Lol is it as good as the momentum?