Made this insane string

Guys… I just made this really really good string. IMO.

As some of you may know, I’ve been making strings with a twist of plastic in them. This makes them insanely durable, stiff, and… plasticy. (No duh! :D)

And I never bother experimenting with these much because it was insanely hard to tie the knot. So I made 2. That was it. But today, I suddenly wanted to go make strings. So I went out to the garage, got my stuff… and was like “what should I make?” I just made 6 strings for Nmaster so I didn’t feel like doing 2 tone strings. So I looked around… plastic!

I took that, and just used 10% of it, or so, in my string. So then I did that… spun it, and finished with the strings… made the loop, and WOW! Not the string to end the world… but a pretty darn good one.

It’s a little stiff, but I haven’t broken it in yet. First minute of playing, it’s pretty rough, although I can play fast, but you can almost hear the strings saying “Go too fast and I’ll make you bleed”. Like it’s kinda digging into you a bit. But it’s still gliding over, but you can feel if you put too much pressure into the string using your fingers, and pull really fast…

That being said, I can still boomerang and eli hop with it just fine, but I think if you made a loop around your finger and pull you would start bleeding.

The string has below average tension, but it holds loops like a boss! Suicides, there’s a 3 inch diameter loop. Consistently. Whips, same thing. Triple lacerations, the string stays on track. It doesn’t flop around. Just 3 turns around the yoyo, holding the loop nice and clear the entire time. Ninja Vanish, you can see the loop hanging there, waiting for the yoyo to fall on it, allowing really good precision. And when you do a laceration, or a really fast whip, there’s a whoosh, same loudness as blowing air out of your mouth.

And if my past strings are anything to compare by, this string will last til 2012. Wouldn’t snap, and your yoyo is a lot safer because there’s a circle of plastic, woven into the normal string. If the normal string suddenly disappeared, there’ll still be a thin, thin string in it’s place, made out of plastic.

Just something that I’ve done. I’m gonna play with it… 30 min- 1 hour every day. See when it dies.

nice :wink:

pics pl0x

Nice 8)

was it hard to make?

It looks normal, so you can’t really tell… if you really want pics I’ll put it up, but it looks the same as any other string, the plastic is see through… and really hard to find.

OHGOD yes it was. Try tying knots with invisible string. It’s like taking two strands of a spider web, and trying to tie knots. And I had to tie a fisherman’s knot just so the plastic wouldn’t slip. Took me like 2 minutes per knot. :smiley: But otherwise the same as normal, except your working with invisible string. Really annoying to make, so I only made 2 prototypes, and 1 that worked

I would buy some if it works as good as you say cause it sounds awesome!

It’s definitely not perfect, but compared to the past prototypes it’s a lot better.

The others used to be sticky, and very rough and harsh on your hands. As in you can’t do a matrix full speed or you get burned.

The new one fixes the sticky problem, and it just feels like rough polyester with no bounce. A solid, rough string. You can do matrixes full speed without any problems (Or at least for me. Starters might have problems.) Whips are amazing. Durability is extraordinary. But… the tension fails. Throw 5 times, and when the strings come together they get tangled from bad tension… but it’s impossible to solve that. Plastic has issues with tension…