Maddog Paracord bracelets- NEWS AND UPDATES!

Here is the thread for news and updatws on my Maddog bracelets!


They are 100% hand crafted 550 Paracord.

They are also a forum identifier. Wear one to a contest and most should know you are from Yoyoexpert :)…

Thanks for looking-

Latest News Below!

2 braids to choose from!
Starting my company!

This thread is for news! I will be making a BsT soon :slight_smile:

Sweet stuff yo! Now just to russle up some dough ;D

Hey BC,

Sorry I have been a bit more busy with work lately. I think some of the criticism is constructive…and if that was what you were looking for by posting now, that’s fine. If not, delete this and create a BST instead, where you can have the comments deleted. No one can complain about your prices in there either.

If I were you, I would make a new prototype, since we discussed the changes, create this in the BST, but only when you are ready to sell them. I think $12 shipped, with tracking, for the three color bracelet is just fine. Especially if you are making it to size. I think comparing it to a three color paracord bracelet elsewhere, of the same quality, you are competitive. The one color, you can decide on an adjustment if you like. If you post in the BST, you can negotiate the prices, if you are comfortable doing so.

But, have confidence in your decisions. I’m here if you need me to be, but the final decisions with your business…are yours. Be comfortable with your decisions and own them.

As for BC making these out of paracord, the same material as Legyoyo…each yo-yo manufacturer is using the same substance as the next to make the same product…a yo-yo, so I don’t see anything weird about this one. He has Legyoyo’s blessing on it, and they are friends, so that is my comment on that. Legyoyo’s product costs the same, with shipping. But, this is not a Legyoyo holster compared to BC bracelet thread anyway.

So far you got some positive criticism:

“Looks interesting.”

The fact that someone might want to buy one elsewhere, or buy something else instead, don’t sweat that…who cares? You will not be selling these to everyone in the world, only those who like what you have for sale. That is how it goes with every product.

Take that…and run with it! :slight_smile:

I’d be to busy with a yoyo in my holster to wear one as a bracelet :smiley:

Plus bc and me are buds. He’s not “imposing”, it’s just a nice building material, that’s very flexible in uses with the correctly applied skill.

And a note on price. Bracelets also include clips, and more cording than my holsters. So they average out to a very reasonable price for what they are.
Another note about price competition. I’ve seen these bracelets at five below, and michaels, and hobby lobby, all garbage. Most of their “quality cord” is made of part cotton parachute cord… Aka rip off, cheap, and manufactured out the wazoo!
Be warned, cheaper doesn’t always equal better :slight_smile:

And that’s it. No hard feelings. And fi you buy one, people will know you’re on the forums!!


I already have a YYE dietz with YYE edition YYSL AMMO with a red holster for on the go :wink:

This is very true, authentic 550 paracord has 5 strands of kevlar “rope” inside the vinyl ( i think its a type of vinyl, maybe its polyester, whatever ) cover. Most of the cheaper paracord you see at stores wont have the kevlar core, more than likely its cotton or polyester strands, they do still feel and mostly function the same if all you are going to do is wear it, but if you ever plan to actually use the bracelet ( or whatever ) in some kind of survival situation you want the real stuff.

I’m not a YYE colorway guy but the camo one looks quite nice

If anyone wants a camo i only have 2… PM me for one while they last!

Just saw some at a hobby store today. They sold paracord and buckles and bracelets.

First off.

250, and 550 paracord are different. 250 is thinner and weaker/poorer. 550 is thicker, and stronger.

I use 550. The best strongest type.

They sold bracelets for 3.00. For 250

And 5.00 for 550.

I noticed the paracord was fine. Not as fresh, and quality as the stuff i have. It was a little stiffer, mine is softer and more flexible than the cheapy ones.

The buckles were junk. Sorry, but they were. They were cheap plastic and some were even broken.

Please stop being negative please. I don’t post negative stuff in your selling threads (if you had any or have)…

I am up and running! Send me a PM for one!

I am aware of the differences, I make paracord stuff too. 250 is not “Cheap”, it works great for not so heavy duty purposes (Collar for my cat).

Now, I did not mean to come off harsh, but you ARE charging an awful lot for a paracord wristband that isn’t even custom fitted.

Who said they weren’t custom fitted?

I take measurements to make them…

Maybe you should advertize that?

First sale!



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XD… Sorry. Couldn’t help :).

My bad, I was dead tired from my hockey game that I had just played. I accept full responsibility for the typo.



I have typed worse when tired wildcat ;)…

Congratulations on your first sale BC! 8)