Maddog Paracord bracelets- NEWS AND UPDATES!

If he ever responds :-\

In my defense, it wasnt even a day :stuck_out_tongue:

Im inpatient when it comes to my first sale haha!

I mean, what if you never responded??? No sale, no feedback, no review and so on…

You’d be patient… Like me! (Andy gets it ;))

That was nice of Andy to show his support. I just PMed Legyoyo about our project. I’m just waiting on an order of materials to come by snail mail.


I was starting on Andys bracelet when i got a burn from the nylon… OUCH!!!

May not be able to do andys bracelet today, we will see, ill try andy!


Thanks! Want one?

Also, once i do this run and buy more supplies i might send André a free one ;)…

That would be so cool if you sent him one. I bet he’d love it!

i bet he would

And yes Bcmaddog I would like one but my mom thinks stuff like that is a waste of money so sorry
i cant get one but Good Luck!!

She’s kind of right but oh well! A bunch of things in life are a waste of money xD

Yeah. I mean, 10 bucks can make you fat at McDonald’s… No offense anyone…

Just saying :P…

Also, Andrè hasnt replied to my email i sent a few days-week back…

Yes you get fat but it tastes so good

and im not fat because i dont go there very often

ok back on topic

He gets busy, but he will get back to you. Were you asking for his size? :-\

Well, i asked if he wanted one.

And gave him a link to my thread.


Your idea is perfect. Someone like Andre… you might just send him one as a gift. :wink: It’s okay to spoil him rotten.

Do you know how to make MonkeyFist knots out of paracord?

Yep… Lol

And yeah. I can try… Want one??

it woudnt be spoiling him it would be saying Thank You Andre for creating such an awesome websight ;D

Well, I’m working on a photo similar to how I made one for YYF, YYJ and General Yo. This one will be for YoyoExpert. But, I want to use the knots as “periods,” between the letters. If they are black and red with a bit of white, it would be perfect. I would need three of them. If you can definitely do it, quote me a price. There are three knots to make, so PM me a quote. I will also ask Legyoyo too and give you guys a chance to bid for the job. Another lesson in business haha. There are three knots, so potentially three jobs available. Or, maybe someone will get the entire job. Please quote me by…Saturday. :wink: I will tell Legyoyo the same, if he is interested in the job. Legyoyo has the colors, and you too B.C., so you should be all set.

Please quote me two prices:

  1. For 3 knots total shipped;
  2. Price per knot shipped.

I will also post in the business thread.