Yoyoexpert wristband!

like those silicone wristbands! I think it would be a great idea! Id totally buy em.

I know of about 5 sites to do this! For black/ red fade wristbands that say yoyoexpert embossed in white it would be like 20 cents each if they bought 1000

Wow… think of the profit.

it could be a new addition to all orders over 50$ or something? :o :o

If they sold them for a buck each they could make $800.

500 Adult, 500 Youth red/black fade that say YoYoexpert printed in white are 220$. http://24hourwristbands.com/order-custom-printed-wristbands/
Also 50k= 9k$. Thats 41 thousand dollars if they were a dollar each, but they would never sell that many.

they could easily charge $2.50

I wouldn’t wear one personally… but I could see a price tag of 4+ dollars

I’d probably buy one. Make it into a yoyo holder, like a werrd whatchamacallit.

On that link, you can make it have a metal thing with a loop on it, put a caribeener(Cant spell) and there you go! Thats only 15 cents per bracelet.

You need to include the labor time to do that.

Sorry if i am not understanding, but do you mean adding the caribeener? The metal loop and keychain ring is added for 15 cents per bracelet from the 24 hour wristbands people. Anyway, I would pay 5$ for one.

Yes, there’s a labor cost involved in doing that. It’s extra handling that needs to be included in the cost of the item.

Well, I could imagine how horribly boring it would be to put one on 5000 keychains. But it could ease the pain to do it as the orders come in. I think this is a great idea. 5$ is worth it, maybe more because of labor. And id do 3$ for a plain bracelet.

Or you could chose between a sticker or a bracelet?

Yoyoexpert Army Knives. For a hundred dollars you could get a red/white/black anodized Yoyoexpert Army Knife that can do anything. It’s like o’ man I can’t hit this Brent Stole right now…BAM unfold your Yoyoexpert Army Knife and you NAIL it. Does that mean there is a hammer feature on the YEAK (Yoyoexpert Army Knife)? Yes. Add what else should be included in the knive and lets make this thing happen.

Um, I don’t think a child-friendly store would ever sell potentially dangerous weapons to kids.

Blades under 3 in. are considered tools by most government standards.

Doesn’t mean a kid can’t cut himself or other kids with it.

Or I can use my Leatherman. Making customized knives at a low enough cost would demand using low quality tools.

There is absolutely no need for a YYE Army knife.

As for the wrist band idea, I support it. Wouldn’t wear one myself, but making them would be relatively cheap, and I’m sure they would sell well.

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