Wristband giveaway!!!


When I saw FREE YOYOEXPERT WRISTBAND, I knew I had to get in on this. I really like little promotional items like this, as well as a wristband is very useful (I use them for yoyo holsters).

So my question is: every order comes with a wristband no matter what. Only certain colors however get you prizes. Correct?


Certain colors have corresponding prizes. I kinda just want a wrist band haha


Yeah, same :wink: I would really like a red one.
I will probably make multiple orders till I get the color I want :wink:


Wait, what is this?


Put something in your cart and then go to it or go look at the blog section of the forum.



They don’t just get added to every order, we had to do it a little differently with the new shopping cart so it’s not like the trading cards used to be.

When you go to your cart there will be a popup asking if you want the free promotional wristband. Select yes if you want it, and it will be added to your order. There are a certain number of special color wristbands that win some pretty cool prizes. But hey, even if you don’t win you get a free YYE wristband ;D


What wristband color is the standard (the one where you don’t win anything)? Black?


Yeah, the black wristband is the standard “enjoy this free wristband” prize.


Okay :slight_smile: thanks!

(yoyobro!) #10

Now I want to make an order just for the wristband!


For those of use who do not or can not wear the wristband here is an idea. Take a carbineer hook and put it on one end and an O-ring on the other and voilĂ  you have a yoyo holder you can hook to your jeans.


Yeah, they actually work pretty well for that!


Whats the estimated chance of winning?


This is exactly what I do! :slight_smile:


The chance of opening one of the winning wristbands is 1 in 155.


Ok thanks!


Kill joy


As long as I find a way to get a red one, I’ll be good :wink:


Not really, those are pretty good odds! And it’s posted on the page in the fine print for anyone who wanted to find out.


those are pretty good odds. far better than the chances of winning the lottery or catching a baseball at Fenway, maybe a bit worse than chances of finding a Pidgey in Pokémon Go! (it seems my neighborhood is full of Pidgeys)