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Stop by where sound is running from at CalStates! I got 3 kids I gotta cut strings for. I’ll gladly review this product.

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Big Daddy custom order :slight_smile:

Please do this ^

Where is the blade?


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Video of product in use coming later today :slight_smile:

And about the counterweight, I’m not sure if I could do that. Not because it would be hard, because it’s not; but because I don’t want any problems with Duncan and their whole copyright stuff on counterweights. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks about the video.

About the counterweight thing, call it a Swing Man! :wink: Sounds cool, almost like a wing man. :wink:

That would be awesome.


Just put a small eyebolt or a fishing swivel in it. You can say this is the “keychain attachment loop” and then all us creative types can say to ourselves “gee, I wonder if I can use this as a counterweight”…

Just saying…

I think I might find myself buying at least one just to have one. Can’t wait to see more photos or a catalog!

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I’ve sent cash to more than one person on BST and gotten the items ordered. It’s not my preferred method but it works.

That makes sense, except it could have some issues.

I’ve never done that before, and also I’ve never purchased or trade on BST.


Well, The person who I made the Big Daddy for paid me with cash. He folded it up and then rolled it in plastic wrap and duck taped it, then he put it in a white paper that he folded three times to fit into an envelope and I received it today just fine :slight_smile:

Money orders are also a way to do it although they cost a dollar. :slight_smile:

Batman and Pyramid head from Silent Hill coming soon :slight_smile:

My relatives all live within a half hour of me…

Yay! Mt custom order has been made!!

Hey man do you think you can make one with a sombrero?

Payment in the mail!

Working on a Halo Reach Grunt! :slight_smile: pics soon oh, and maybe a Sombrero too

Paypal now?

Oh well, payment already sent. Anyhow, good business move. Let’s see the orders come running in.

Batman-Gotham Knight for Tip

Halo Grunt for Valor

Goldfish :slight_smile:

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