Machining for other companies versus yourselves?

I’ve seen a number of yo-yos from other companies that were machined by One Drop.

One of my favorites is the Yomega Prodigy, and no offense to the Yomega brand or anything, but this thing is unusually good for a Yomega, and I attribute that entirely to the fact that it was machined by One Drop :wink:

How much contract machining do you do for other companies versus your own releases these days? Is this something you are seeking to grow, or shrink, or keep the same?


We do a certain amount but it’s probably not more than 25% of our work. We are picky on our clients for this so it’s only a few. In some case we help with design as well as machining.


Did you guys machine the Doorknob?

No we didn’t make the Doorknob. It’s awesome! I wish I had one.