HELP ! manufacturing problem

hi guys…
let me introduce myself, my name is anggut from Indonesia and now i studying mechanical engineering for a diploma degree …

since i choose yoyoing as my serious hobby (btw, it’s about 5 year ago ) i already have a dream to have  yoyo  that made by my design…since that i started to studying other company design. And finally few month ago i starting to realize two of my design with my saving for two year…

here is the link to my first prototype…,36297.0.html

and i really shocked with the final product, it’s not created with material that i asked first… i ask to made one yoyo with nylon and the other one with delrin but they made all of them with ebalta with excuse they are running out of nylon and delrin.

What makes me more disappointed is after i assembly all of them they are horribly wobble and the bearing cannot spin at all. Later after i check the dimension they are not turned like on my drawing dimension and tolerance.

Those all really make me upset. Then i complaining to the company and they agree to make me another for free (i made this chance to revise my design). But the process didn’t as easy as i think. Seems they underestimate the toy. They think yoyo didn’t need precession and I should check the dimension several times every time they “said/think” they already finished my product

Here is the second prototype

And now i tired complaining
they all play like i imagined although still wobble but at least the bearing can spin :stuck_out_tongue:
so here is the summary  of my problem :

  • It hard to find a good machinist/machine shop in here
  • I don’t have enough money to make prototype or produce it massively
  • I’m afraid and hate if i found out someone publish a design that similar with mine
    What should i do then?
    I’m thinking about selling my design to a company/become freelance product designer. But i don’t know the price of my design.
    Any suggestion would be welcome. ;D

and sorry for my bad English

One Drop do some of the best machine work out there and they do the machining for a lot of the high end brands. Maybe drop them a line and discuss terms?


Landon Balk of 3yo3 is an awesome guy, and he has experience with machining Acryllic and Delrin yoyos. His work is awesome, and he’s also a great guy. If you’re curious, here’s a link to some of his work.

Hope the Demo and Dwi get produced, I love their shapes!

yuki, one drop is buisy for quite a long time.

OP, I remember those green ones. Those were awesome. I would tell the machine shop that if they don’t make them to the tolerances you specify, then they will loose your business, which could be quite a bit. Also make sure that they are concentric, something more important than tolerances.

wow, that sounds pretty horrible, sorry about that man :frowning:
other then that, you just have to find a machine shop that will take you seriously and make your stuff high quality. I would have to say that selling your designs to other companies might not be the best idea, you may have a hard time finding a company that would buy it from you. all I can really suggest is finding another place to make your yo-yos :confused:

thank you for all advices guys…
maybe i should try to send some company my design… ;D

usually they want you to have the cnc program and a working prototype for them to try before they would buy anything. This means you still have to have a machinist do all the work and you still have to sink a lot of money into it.

If the machining shop isn’t doing the work properly, find another machining shop. I know this may not be easy. It already sounds like their work is already poor and questionable.

A: Yoyos are very much precision devices. If they can’t work to your exacting specifications or refuse to, they don’t deserve your business. This is probably a large part of the wobble problem.

B: Substituting materials is simply NOT acceptable. The odds are they are choosing to downgrade you so they pocket more profit. Consider buying your own materials then and then when they substitute, challenge them more directly. Either way, you’re requesting specific materials for a reasonl

then i should find another company that didnt use system like that…

I feel like I’m back at the watch forum I used to live on. Protos there for small up and comers were almost always made in China and the things those companies would do were just pure comedy gold. Swapping materials, changing designs, changing prices and order quotas on the fly…I saw more than one aspiring watch designer get broken in the process and just give it up after sometimes years of dealing with this sort of business.

Good luck. It can be tough to find a company that shares your passion, even if they’re in the industry.

You might want to contact RevYolution. They’re based in Indonesia and produce custom yoyos on demand. I’m not sure if they work with plastic materials but they may be able to point you in the right direction if they don’t.

thank you for sharing man…

yes i know the owner and i already had a discussion with him about my problem before i post it here…

Don’t give up!