Hedgehog Concepts (Trying to find a machine shop! + Pics added)


Hey, I’m Kev and I have these yoyo designs that I really want to make. I know where to get materials and I might need help with finding an axle system. But the rest is okay.

I’ve tried to contact.
And a local machine shop.

Also is it okay to post my designs on here because i dont want my designs to get stolen and slightly modified.

(WildCat23) #2

I think you’d be ok. I don’t think anyone with capability to steal your design (CAD programs) is going to.


also, just post pictures, not the actual file. that will help… and keep searching, especially for one that is willing to do small proto batches. Good luck tho.


What happened with one drop and fox land? did they just not reply back?


I get the feeling that OneDrop is extremely busy. They are a two-person operation and there are a ton of people wanting to make yo-yos - not to mention the established companies.

That said, OneDrop is not the only game in town. I would think that any machine shop that manufactures custom components for engines and other high-speed equipment can do this job. The hard part is going to be teaching them about the low tolerance for error. They will think it is “just a yoyo” and not pay attention to quality the way they would for an airplane propeller axle. I would focus on a transaction that takes quality and results into account.


The dude above me know what’s up^

I was lucky enough to find a guy who is extremely friendly and used to be a yoyoer himself, back in the day. hard to find something like that. that being said, I still think that going with fox land is a great option seeing as he makes extremely high quality yo-yos (or so I’ve heard). Again, it’s good to find someone local, but only if they would take you seriously. If not, go with someone who is already in the business. Plus, One drop and fox land are no the only companies that have their own machine shops. contact a bunch of american based companies and ask where they get their yo-yos done. just keep trying and don’t give up.


Thanks for the comments everyone!!! I’ll post a small jpg of the yoyo and Ill try harder to search for a good machine shop! ^^ I have a name for the yoyo too… should I include it?


yes! defiantly include the name (and the specs).
Good luck,


Pic added


thats gonna be heavish. i cant give you an exact estimate but it would be heavy… and that spike is HUGE you would hit your hand on it constantly and would most likely hurt. I have one drop spikes on my dang an i even hit those sometimes when binding. id say get rid of the giant spike thing you have in it and make it much smaller. Other than that that is a very cool design. i think a better picture may be needed for anyone to machine it.

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That spike is WAY too big and the shape is very sharp. It needs to be rounded more cause if not them out will be very painful to catch. the weight distribution is off too. Id suggest more time making a more accurate drawing. Plus you will need to make that on CAD to have a very precise design that would be able to be machined.


I have a non spike design on autocad. I’ll try to upload it… plus Ive changed the weight around a little. Thanks for the feed


CAD 3D Design

Small Bearing
54mm Diameter

(Wants feedback on weight distribution.)


oh cool, very unique design, though it looks like that bump in the gap is creating a pocket of weight that will mess up the weight distribution, and may feel weird when the string goes into the gap. I think that maybe you should eliminate it, or at least make it less drastic. you would have a very clean, slick shape. if it was less obvious.


I wanna make yoyos that look very different. I’ll try to make the bump in the middle be less drastic though. ^^


BTW the name of the yoyo is…

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Im liking the look of that, I like nice angular wide yoyos, always great for horizontal type tricks which I love doing.
I hope to see some awesome stuff coming from you!



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The one thing I worry about the bump is that it might cause the string to jump. It would make landing outside it weird. I do like that idea for distribution though.


also from what I’ve been told make sure that the thickness of the walls is a minimum of 1.6 mm thick
and they looked pretty thin on the drawings.


Ill double check the wall thickness. Thanks