So there has been a lot of questions about M1 but never heard this one… Is it unresponsive stock??? And leave a review

I am getting one in a week, and I can tell you, no, you have to break in the 10ball.

It is a great bearing, but takes time to break in.

Samad – it is a must that you do a full review… Bonus points for pictures, too.

I thought you said you can’t get anymore yoyo’s.

He won the jamboo in the chat night and hes trading for m1

The M1 is a very nice yo-yo. It does come unresponsive to a degree, the response is silicone stickers so they need to be broken in, but 10 minutes of play does that. I found that the bearing wasn’t making the yo-yo more responsive, but after playing with it over a day, it spun smoother.

One of my favorite yo-yos, from an amazing company. I can vouch for it/them.

~yo! shi!

I went to a contest yesterday. I met a bunch of cool people, and tried a lot of yoyos. And when my parents walked in, and saw how many yoyos everyone else had, they decided to buy me a Limited Edition, Green Sand-Blasted G5

Wont this be your first all metal? Congrats! :slight_smile:

LUCKY I Cant get my parents to get me a KK bearing with my own money now!