M1 vs. DV888 Vs. L3

     Right now I'm playing with a Special Edition Dark Magic and looking to get a cheap metal yo-yo.   I've narrowed it down to these three and would like to know your opinions on them.  Here's those questions I need to answer!

1 shape - I don’t know I’ve only got a journey and Dark Magic, but I prefer the Dark Magic over the Journey.
2 how I play - 1a and string stricks.
3 size - not sure for obvious reasons.
4 other things - I like unresponsive for whips and don’t really care about response systems, but wouldn’t mind a nice grinder and a really big gap.


I haven’t tried a DV888 but I have tried the M1 and L3 and both are great yoyos, but I like the L3 much better. It is much much smoother and I think easier to use, but not much can beat that 10ball in spin time once it gets broken in.

wow,thats about the thoughest choice I would ever have to make,the L3 has and awsome price tag for the yo,the m1’s 10 ball and smoothness ties with it,and the dv888 is a great yoyo and its SPEC plays awsome stock,I CAN’T CHOOSE!!!

Right, but the L3 is nearly impossible to get. And there is a DV888 review.


L3’s aren’t too hard to get. Just post that you want to buy or trade for an L3 and wait about a day and you’ll get something.

dv888 is better for string tricks (slightly) m1 is better for whips (slightly)

based on what you want, m1

ps. i like the dv888 but again, it is all personal preference. :slight_smile:

One more question, which one is smoother and/or quieter?

If you are looking for quietness, the 10ball coming with the M1 is silent. Not completerly silent, but not as loud as many other bearings.

I haven’t tried the DV888 but I know the L3 is beyond incredibly smooth and very quiet. The M1 I believe in general is a little quieter than the L3 but not much. It is also very smooth, but not quite as smooth as the L3.