dv888 vs m1 vs other in 60-70$ range

hey! wonderin whats better.

  1. shape = i like the shape of the x convict (because its easy to catch on the string)
  2. how i play = 1a. i love string tricks like kamikize, buddhas revenge, and dr, strang. i also kinda like grinds. i NEED a long sleeping yoyo. i like a good size gap. (i DON’T really care about speed in a yoyo)
  3. size = i like small or medium sized yoyoz
  4. other stuff = i like a good surface 4 palm, finger, and arm grinds. i NEED a yo that dosnt snag. i dont care how long a yo takes to brake in cause im a kid with time on his hands. i dont care how responsive a yoyo is because i have thin lube. i want a yo thats not light weight. :wink:

(sorry for bad spelling and sorry if i did this form thing wrong because this is my 1st pose ever) :-[(feel free to tell me if i did anything wrong.) (will respond tommorow and on week days) 8)

Thanks for answering the questions. An M1 would be a nice one I think.

any m1 will do

M1 for sure!

thanks :D, but id like to know whats the difference between flow and regular silicone? does 1 bind better or something? ??? (yoshi told me the dv888 was better then the m1) if you think the m1 is better, why do you think so? ??? :slight_smile:

(just uploaded my avatar, you like?) :smiley:

I don’t see how people are going for the M1, when the DV888 is also very similar in size.

I played one at Redondo, and I would take a DV888 over 5 M1’s. Seriously.

M1 flow groove makes it better for flowable silicone. It comes stock with One-Drop customized silicone pads. The normal M1’s come with pads, so its easier to equip with pads, but also siliconable.

I have to chose M1, never tried DV888… ;D ;D

thanks. im leaning tword the dv888 right now though. is the cu any good?
pleeze vote. ::slight_smile:

is the alchemy cu any good? does it sleep as good as the dv888 and m1? which grinds better and is smooth?

Dv888 owns all of them, IMO.

ok now i know what im gettin 4 my birthday. ill ask for a dv888, and maybe my parents will get me an m1 too! thanks logan, and everyone esle!

I would get a M1 but trust me, go to YYN and just buy a random metal yoyo so you can get a DV888 for 50 bucks(I dont litterally mean random), it would get you 2 good yoyos (i’m guessing on the DV888) and you wont regret it. I wouldn’t get your hopes up to buy 2 yoyos for $135 including about $12 for shipping from 2 different sites unless you get lots of B-day money but you never know :smiley:

For the YYN deal, you had to buy a YYF metal. Not just a random one.

Alchemy CU’s are AMAZING!!! Their shape, material, and spin times own an M1 like 100 to 1.

The CU is novelty small. Be wary of advice otherwise.

Thats probably your throw. I challenge you to a sleep contest! You film with your CU, and I with my M1! That is…if you have a camera ;D