DV888 or M1

need help deciding.

  1. size: doesnt matter
  2. shape: doesnt matter
  3. response: silicone
  4. color: red for M1 and aqua for DV888
  5. i play 1A
  6. i want a smooth, vibe and wobble free yoyo that sleeps for a long time

Then they are both good for you. If you can’t be specific, then just get the one that looks better to you, or flip a coin ;D

Or ask Samad ;D

i got mine and it was a little smaller than i thought but i didn’t care cause i like undersized yoyos
the m1 but the m1 is smooth pretty good at grinds
i tried it before it plays great to and i thought it was great but i like my m1 a little bit more

hope this helps

I agree with Samad, you should flip a coin.

Happy Throwing! =]

so they are both vibe/wobble free and really smooth? i have a dm and it is really vibey/wobbly. also are kks better than spec bearings?

to answer your bearing question,preference,I like 10-balls morwe than anything,butI prefer KKs over SPECs,but SPECs are the few bearings that play great stck. :wink:

we need more info from you. but personally, i like the dv888 a little bit more than the m1. but it is all personal preference. :slight_smile:


if you like slack tricks then the m1 is for you due to a more concave shape.

if you like extreme smooth yoyos and play by string tricks: like buddhas revenge, kamakaze, and dr.strange, then the dv888 is for you.

bolth yoyos are fully capable of doing any trick or thing you through.

hope this helps! :wink:

I’m not even gonna try to pull off something “smart” to say =P
After playing with Samad’s M1 today, I would say go M1, that is, if you havn’t already flipped a coin and got the DV888
Cough Samad… Cough

;D -Nick

EDIT: Just adding in… there both awesome!

dv888 rocks the house! ::slight_smile:

m1 for sure

Buy Both,

So That You Can Evaluate That Two Yo-Yo’s :smiley: