M1 and DV888

i want your opinion do you prefer the M1 or DV888

It’s preference.

I like the DV888 because of its profile and the flat rims.

I do not think that that you should buy a yoyo with our preference. You are the one buying buying so it should be your preference not ours. See what you like better and buy it,they are both good yoyos and you will probably won’t be disappointed by either of them.

my preference is the m1 because of its profile

The Dv888 ninja slices the M1’s face off.

Dv888 by far.

i pefer m1 because i like smaller yoyos but thats just my opion its all about prefrence

I have both.
I prefer the m1 because i think that the DV888 feels a little heavy for me

thanks guy and i like both yoyo’s profiles so i rely on you lolz

M1 has more votes lol

M1 is friendlier towards tight pockets.

I like the M1 shape and wieght Better but as Samad said

He never said he was buying one…I think he’s just curious, because he already has one according to his “fav. yo-yo” list.

Tough choice.

I must say M1, because it has a 10-Ball.

Love the MIST dunny…btw did you get a case of the dunny 2009 series, they rock ;D

oops, off topic…DV888 FTW

m1 is my choice but its prefernce m1 is smaller dv888 is wider and bigger