M1 vs. DV888

I already have a M1 and its the yoyo I usually carry around. I was wondering if I should replace it with the DV888 for my main yoyo. Can you guys help me out please? ;D

They are really similar in all specs, so you won’t be good answering the questions. But one thing I have noticed is how wide the Dv888 is over the M1. Do you fell the M1’s width is too small? If so, the Dv888 will be great for you. But they won’t really feel different.

Well I dont think you should “replace” a yoyo, I mean when you buy a new car you dont “replace” you rold one do you (I mean when its still useable). I dont think you need a DV888 becuz the M1 should be plenty enough for you right now.


Are you sure that you want to keep on going with flat-rimmed yoyos, or do you want to try something new. That’s the real choice to make.

Addment: Remember that you can’t say you hate H-shape if you’ve never tried it.

Yes, I do think the width is too small on the M1. Does the SPEC bearing come with the DV888? And if it doesn’t, would a 10-Ball bearing fit?

P.S: I’ve already tried a H-Shaped yoyo(I have a Skyline) :wink:

M1- undersized. Dv888- oversized. Depends, will it fit in your pocket?

The DV888 is not oversized. Its far from oversized. Its even smaller in diameter then the 888…

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Wait, so which one is bigger in diameter, DV888 or M1?


Well my friend DYonch has these 2 yoyos and i have used them both. I personally think the DV888 a bit on the larger side but its all about you i think the m1 on the other hand is on the smaller side and its all about what you prefer

The SPEC does come in it, and if you want to put a 10-Ball in it you can.