M1 Review!

Im going to break down my review into two parts again like I did with the G5…

Alright, one thing I gotta ask, why do all yoyo companys use the flat rate shipping boxes?! No big deal I guess but Onedrop taped the crap outta this box… I had to cut it open with a knife! Rambo style of course…

So I open up the box and inside is a Ondrop sticker (I love stickers, but it’s black… And so is my laptop :frowning: ) Inside was also a page from the October 1 Eugene Weekly… (Not the funnies though… :frowning: )

And last but not least… A very, very small box. This is my first Undersized yoyo, and I thought. Hmm whats 5-6 mm? Thats nothing… WOW! This yoyo is TINY! I got red/green, and the anno is amazingly georgeous (sp?) and smooth.

So far Im a little upset, its responsive, and dies very fast… I hope it gets better after the break in…

Stay tuned for more!

Fixed the spelling.

Did you try pulling the bearing shields off and clean it? I have the same problem on my M1s and i figure a little cleaning and thin lube will do the trick. :slight_smile:

Good review btw, Clear concise, informative. :smiley:

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Arg, one period.

Anyway, you seem to be taking the same trail as me on metals. Now, you gotta trade your G5 to someone for an 09 888. Then you will buy a Skyline, and sell your M1 for a Dv888. Eventually you will have a good deal come up, and you will be able to trade for your old G5 back. :stuck_out_tongue:

And then trade the G5 for another M1. :stuck_out_tongue:

This review was…made too soon. You haven’t broken it in obviosly, since its responsive. And if it does die fast, its your throw, 'cause mine doesn’t.

And then sell that M1 for a Hatrick.


Nah, I enjoy my G5…

Im doing it in two parts. If you’ve read my G5 review I did the same. In about a week or two I’ll add to it and finish it up, this way all the first thoughts are freash in my mind still

How long should it take to break in anyways? I’ve been playing it all day and its still responsive

I’ve been wanting to try a Hatrick…

nice review. still waiting for part two cuz im planing on getting an m1 for xmas ;D

Mine took 2 months to break in…but others have broken in very fast.

Once it gets unresponsive, it should be broken in.