(Mitch Ginder) #1


Lol oh my gosh! Run run run. Oh my gosh! Run run run. Oh my gosh! Open mailbox. Oh my gosh! Run run run…etc…

I have to agree with you. It looks much wider in the pictures than an M1, but apparently it isn’t. Cool.

(Johnny T) #3

Lol!!! You grab the yoyo and left the other mail in there. HAHAHA!!! Anyways great review.

Edit: Who’s that guy u just past by in 0:03?


Funny, cool, nothing else to say.

(Mitch Ginder) #5

My friend adam

(Johnny T) #6

Hope you’ll make a another review!!! ;D of other yoyos


Jeez man! Just like I said in your Dv888 review! Mail Man! You run out. You find another package… whats this?!? Lol. That was hilarious! Funniest review ever!