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Lol oh my gosh! Run run run. Oh my gosh! Run run run. Oh my gosh! Open mailbox. Oh my gosh! Run run run…etc…

I have to agree with you. It looks much wider in the pictures than an M1, but apparently it isn’t. Cool.

Lol!!! You grab the yoyo and left the other mail in there. HAHAHA!!! Anyways great review.

Edit: Who’s that guy u just past by in 0:03?

Funny, cool, nothing else to say.

My friend adam

Hope you’ll make a another review!!! ;D of other yoyos

Jeez man! Just like I said in your Dv888 review! Mail Man! You run out. You find another package… whats this?!? Lol. That was hilarious! Funniest review ever!