Great review ;D

Great review! Awesome video quality, explained everything well. Plus you hade watermelon caps. :slight_smile:

Great review! Only thing is, u seem like ur so nervous ur about to piss itself. Try to not shake ur hands as much. Other than that, the review was very informative, and well set up. The video quality was also extremely well.

No offense. The review is sorta OK, on the good side of things. However, what’s wrong with a written review? Or maybe working off a script, or maybe both?

Sorry, I’m old school and I got an internet connection that goes to crap quite often. Text gets through fast. Video tends to get buffered something horrific.

thanks everyone for the sugjestions. im glad you liked it. i’ll be getting more yoyos for my b-day so expect reviews.

Yay! More reviews.

Would you mind typing them up too? Thanks!

I’ll try my best to type em.