M1 Problem???


Is it normal for an M1 to sound like hornets??? Metallic Hornets? It’s just like a zzzz again and again…


It should be fine. If you want, you COULD give it a cleaning, but I doubt it’s a problem.


Hmm… BTW, I’m sure it’s not breaking in, unless it breaks in at the first throw…

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(yoyolvr<><) #4

my m1 sounds the same way. i have cleaned it and oiled it but the sound is the same. it hasnt effected the way it plays at all. i wouldnt worry.

(D@§h!zn!t) #5

More than likely it is breaking in. It takes a while for One Drop bearings to break in.


What I meant was I just got it and it sounded like that from first throw…


my m1 bearing was a little loud when i got it but after some time pass it was quit and one drop bearings do a long time to break in but its worth it.


It’s just making the grinding sound because it is dry. If you want to throw some thin lube in there that would be okay, but it seems to delay the process of breaking it in.

I ran my 10-ball dry for about 6 months and it still plays as good as new!

PS- The day One Drop makes a size A 10-ball will be the day I rejoice!


i run 10 balls dry and they get quieter with use its normal


So it sounds like a nest of hornets until you break it in??? It doesn’t in my DM…


It can sound like that, but it’ll most likely be different. Remember that this is a 10 ball, not a YYJ bearing. They’re quite different.


No, I meant the same bearing in my DM. It seems like the M1 does something to amplify the sound… maybe the metal??? Anyways, it won’t harm my M1 right? Seems like that’s what you’re telling me. As long as my M1 is okay I’m fine…

On a side note, does anyone remember how to package the M1? I want to put mine back, but forgot how to… the box and foam block thingy.


10-Balls in M1s are like that.

I wouldn’t worry at all.

Also, I’m not sure if its true, but I heard One-Drop now ships their 10-Balls dry. I heard somewhere, a while ago, not sure if it happened though

(JonasK) #14

I’ve actually had my M1 turn responsive on me when I ran it dry for a whole month. I lubed it and it was back to normal.

Also, metal usually amplifies a bearing.


Does it still play the same? Then deal with it :stuck_out_tongue: