how long...

how long does it take for a m1’s bearing to brake in because i yoyoing for about 3-5hours a day
since Monday and I’m just wondering how long it will take (I’m aware the the m1’s bearing takes time to brake in just wondering how long it will take) and by the way I have the pad response (just wondering if that would help)

It’ll probably take about 3 weeks to break in. It’s awhile, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

I say you should just clean the bearing

Haha it takes a while. But the product, as Kim-Lan said, is amazing. The bearing will be quite, smooth, and very nice spin times. :slight_smile:

My M1 just came in the mail today .
nice and smooth and flawless machining
but I still dont understand why a concave bearing is not standard

For am M1, they have their own 10-ball bearing that I believe, they make. The konkave is made by a different company (dif-e-yo). That would just lower revenue because they would have to get their bearings from a different company (competition). Also, I don’t know why you are complaining seeing that a 10-ball is a good bearing.

m1 is so smooth but i dont wanna clean the bearing after 4days

Its a good thing to do.

Mine took about 2 months,then I bought a new one.I just cleaned it as soon as I got it and it plays the same as the one that took me 2 months to break in.

I played with it for about a week and it was broken in for me ;D.