m1 or used 888?


yah just what the title says ;D


Definetly go with NEW M1. I don’t like used yoyos. One, can be dings that you dodn’t even cause. Two, you don’t know where its been. Three, I like it to get to myself first. And four, don’t exactly but used unless you have all the facts, and know what it is.


I really never thought of it that way, thank you for making me think about that before i buy used yoyos ;D Not being sarcastic here, i really never thought of that. What kinds of places have the used yoyos been in?

P.S. M1 have flat rims, 888 are rounded. Think about that.

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Should move this topic to B/S/T. :wink:


Thanks, man. You never know where its been… :stuck_out_tongue: Literally. Both are way different. The eight8eight is more rounded, and lighter. Is the eight8eight an 09’ edition? If so, it’s .5 grams lighter. The M1 is really heavy for its size, but the M1 is more of a wing, and narrower.


its jayyos aqua 08 888

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ACTUALLY, its jayyo’s '09 888 so it wieghs 1.8 grams more than the M1, is 6.84mm bigger in width, is .64mm bigger in gap width, and the M1 has flat rims when the 888 has a rounded shape. If I had to pick I would get the 888 cuz Josh is a nice guy and the 888 is mint for only $78 so thats like if you buy a $120 888 you pay $42 more just for the box cuz Josh said he doesn’t have the box. Also the M1’s will be in ocnstant production, the '09 888 will not.

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I’d personaly go with the 888. Jayyos a good guy and I doubt he’d sell you a lemon with out telling you.


Jayyo won’t cheat you. If he says its mint, it is mint.

I got a VERY beat up 888 in a trade (yes, I was aware it was beat up) and I thought it was gonna play horribly. From the moment I threw it, I loved it more then my M1. I say 888.


looks like you better get that eight|8|eight