m1 or superstar

(Frank W.) #1

I’m really liking both of these yoyo’s looked at good reviews of both but can’t decide on which to get. Need opinions & specific specs on both so if you guys can throw ya $.02 in that would be sweet.


A M1 is more worth it… cheaper.


well they are two copletly different yoyos so there isnt much to tell you
tell us what you would like in a yoyo
if I were to chose I would chose an m1 because im not a huge fan of the h-shape



Answer the questions.

Also, when I ask about shape, be specific, don’t just say “butterfly”

(Frank W.) #5

ive played with my friends hspin pryo i liked that alot my play style is kinda slow right now but workin hard to get those flashy fast tech. tricks so something with nice long spin and wont die after so many tricks


Then an M1, Superstar, 888, Project “list of about 20 yoyos” would all work for you.

They can all spin that long and not die after long tricks. Check out the thread I posted, cause I’m pretty sure you didnt. Answer the questions.

(system) #7

Superstar is wider, bigger and more rim weighted. This tends to lend to more stability and longer spin.The concept of it having a H-shape is a mis-conceptption. It does have a step in the rim for weight but is NOTHING like an Envy (the only true H-shape!)

(Chris Allen) #8

The two yo-yo’s are completely different and are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to design and shape. You should see if you can hold each of them and decide for yourself.

(Frank W.) #9

another thing im a grinder so does that fault in either of these yoyos


Then they both work for you. But I personally think the Superstar Grinds better.