Help me choose a yoyo


Hi guys,

pls help me choose a yoyo among the choices,i cant sleep every night because of that…im a speed player,i have a meteor,speedernd speed maker already but im still thinking of other yoyos that can really suit my playstyle…actually i need 1 more set to make it 4 i already have 3 set…

help me choose from:

-One Drop Project (i can use this for speed play)
-others (you can suggest other yoyos)



I have an M1, and I would really recommend one. Sleep times are great, it’s incredibly smooth, value is nice, and it feels great in my hand. There could be a couple problems. It is really undersized, so you may not like it. Also the response can be a little inconsistent. I’ll be replacing mine with Dif-Pads.

I haven’t thrown a Project or a Stargazer, so I don’t know about those. But I can tell you that the M1 is a crazy yoyo with a great value.


The M1 would be a good choice, but more for your style out of all those choices I would recommend the Stargazer. Such a good yoyo, and really smooth.

However, the best choice for you is a YoYoFactory Skyline. It is light, so its fast, and its small, with silicone response, so its reliable. It would be a great choice.

(Mark) #4

I have heard that the M1 is slightly bigger than Project which is good for string tricks. With the wider gap, you have less of a chance to slow down your yoyo. I wouldn’t know much about the speed of the yoyos because I don’t own any of them and I don’t want to be biased. May I ask how fast the Speeder is?



Actually, the M1 and the Project are the exact same diameter. However, the Project is wider.

Check out how fast the Speeder is:


Yep, gotta agree with Mr. Patel on this one. Given what you’ve said, and the yos you already own, the YYF Skyline sounds like it might be a perfect match for you.

(Preston Huft) #7

The M1 is good because it is small, but personally I don’t like the feel of it;
it kind of hits the end of the string with a thunk. I think the Axiom plays very
fast. Also many people like the Stardusts and Nimbuses.


How uh…how do you know my last name? ;D

I think maybe the pads on your M1 are dead.


Omnipotent. Somebody has to be, right?



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Sorry my bad. I think I was getting them mixed up. And thanks. I couldn’t find this video on youtube. Hmmm.


bcause you showed your name in one of your youtube videos. I think it was the “Wait… What???” video.

Starring… Samad Patel!!!


actually our club member here sells his brand new purple stargazer still in package (he is our 5A champ in our country he won this yoyo as a prize) for Php3,500 equivalent to $65 (great discount for a mint yoyo right?) but i need atleast 2 yoyos with the same model,well i think im gonna get another meteor and 2 m1 instead… :smiley:

regarding the m1 what do you think is the best color choice?im planning to buy a mix color of red and blue (like NBA all star edition haha sounds crazy) or a solid gold…anyway thanks for the advice…