m1 or pgm?


I have a pgm, but i want to know if the m1 is much better. how is the stability, playability, weight etc.

(JonasK) #2

The M1 plays great. I belive it might be a tad smaller than a PGM, but not a huge measure, It plays great, you can’t deny on that. It does weigh a lot for it’s size. And it will feel a lot heavier than you would believe.

Addment: If you want to step up to metal, the M1 is a great choice.


i mean, i have seen pictures and it doesnt look very wide…does that affect the play?

(JonasK) #4

The M1 is not as wide as a lot of other yoyos. And the width won’t be a matter when you get it. It is narrower than an 888 for example, but it is playable by far.

Addment: I don’t think that it affects playability, no.


cool! thanks!


samad, if you read this, you have an m1, dont you? whats your opinion on it?


I have an m1,its really a great yoyo,small,heavy,good sleep times,etc…I cant find much wrong with it,and last thing,smoothness,smoothest yoyo I have!

(Shisaki) #8

The M1 is amazing, it plays super smooth and it’s the cheapest metal I can find out there (unlees you buy a used one). It is smaller, exactly 5 cm in diameter, but I land on the strings more times then on my legacy.