M1 or DM


Okay, so here’s the question: should I get a M1 or a DM?

For the M1, is it unresponsive? Also, for flowable silicon, you can use any silicon right? Like the one for showers and stuff.


M1. No.

What is your preference?


For a M1, color does not matter, for a DM, red or black.

Can you make a M1 unresponsive? And you can use any silicon right?


Yes - Break in the bearing

No, it comes with silicone, but after that, you can use flowable silicone, but you can’t just use ANY flowable silicone.


What silicone can you use??? Also, at the one drop store, the customizable M1 comes with a groove, or you can choose not a groove, which one can you silicone recess?


They all come with a groove. DO NOT SILICONE RECESS IT.