flowable silicone

should I put flowable silicone on my m1 or keep it stock

Preference. I’d say try it either way and see what you like best. Some people like pads, some people like silicone.

Do you have the flow groove silicone? If so, then put in silicone. If not, try what you like the best.

i think u should just get the pads. its a hassle getting the silicone out if u end up not liking it. its good though, just make sure u know wat u r doing

lol @ you silicon is super easy to get out bro

i got one with pads and i wish that is was more unresponsive. it is semi-unresponsive but just seems to never break completely in. i siliconed my dm a while back and it turned out really good. can you silicone the pad version of the m1?

I guess, but it will come out quicker, less to grab.

Yes, you can silicone the pad version. They were originally made to take silicone as well. The Flow Groove one is just easier to silicone, I suppose.

i would sili it, but it is all personal prefrence.

I dont know which one I got
I think I got the flow groove.is that the one that is clear or are the pads clear?
mine is clear
im pretty sure its the flow groove just wanted to double check

They both come with pads stock, different sized pads, though.

Left: Flow Groove
Right: Pad

thanks kim-lan
I have the pad response
but the flow groove is less responsive right?

Yeah, it is unresponsive out of the box, but with some breaking in (or cleaning) of the bearing, the pad response M1 will become just as unresponsive as well.

thats good to know
I like unresponsive play
and the bearing takes a long time to break in so I will have to live with it for now