m1 arrived today...


my red and pewter m1 just arrived today and all i can say is WOW!!! i don’t give long reviews but the spin times are great, love the ten ball. it was a little smaller than i thought but i kind of like it. string tricks are no problem b/c it still has a good wide gap and v-shape. its also easier to get out of triangles since it is so much smaller. overall i am very pleased with this yoyo and would recommend it to anyone. i wish the bearing was konkave, but i also wish my kk spun like the 10 ball.

(Mark) #2

Congrats! I also wish the KK was like that but I also dont. I think its a matter of feeling.


yeah, i guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #4

What? Well anyway, the M1 is amazing. The 10 ball is my favorite bearing overal. Have fun with your M1!


(Mark) #5

There needs to be a konkave bearing that runs smooth.


Could you please post a pic of the re/pewter M1? That is the exact combo I am looking at picking up and would like to see how it turned out.


here you go. i didn’t know if you knew how small the m1 was, so i tried to compare it with a dm.


had to put a pick of my dog on here also!


That color combo looks incredible, and it looks like you also use purple passion Highlights from YYN. I do have to ask, what made you pick the red and pewter color combination? I’m getting it because I am an Ohio State University graduate living in Columbus, OH. We are all a little nuts when it comes to our Buckeye football and our colors are scarlet and gray. ;D


i use the highlights on my dm, but the m1 came with chaos string. i’m pretty sure thats what it is. it seems like a really good string. i picked this color combo b/c i just liked it together. i wanted an orange and black one but they didn’t have any orange in. started to get black and silver but went with the red. i live in north georgia and i am a tennessee football fan. the color does look really good together.


I forgot to add, that is a beautiful Rottweiler you have there. How old is he or she?


m1 looks awsome!

Happy Throwing! =]

PS: Juice, that chiuauau scares me!!! :o


Looks niice.

I want to get an M1… :frowning:


Hey, i have been busy since the last post, but my rott’s name is ripley. i have bread rott’s all of my life, started with my parents. I started with the grandfather of the dog in the picture and have bread my way down to him. Wouldn’t give anything for him.