What m1 colour?

I was looking around on the one drop site and found that you can select the color of each half of the yoyo. I am planning to order one soon and I really can’t decide which colors to take :-. Guys please help me find the right combination of colors. I am also ordering black chaos strings with it so try to think of combinations that look good with it. Also if u have an m1 post which color do you have. :wink: :wink:

I have a pewter M1. If you want to spend some extra ca$h, you can get the blue grass soda blasted M1s. They look awesome and are soda blasted for better grinds. They might be out, but they had 4 in stock a couple of hours ago.

Well I a have a half purple half gold m1.
Here are some pics:



The colors you like :wink:

Seriously, black string goes with every color of yoyo. Personally, I think you should get a half blue, half purple, or all black.

Also, bleh, gm users looks gross! :wink:

Purple/gold isn’t a that bad combintaion. If I’m not wrong the Hugo Z uses those colours. But the guys at One Drop really gives the choice to you. Personally I would have taken a blue/orange one. But it is really hard to decide colour of someone else’s yoyo. But still, Blue Grass looks awesome

OK. I have narrowed my choices
also if you have a color that you think looks really good post some pics of it :wink: :wink:
And I sErIoUslY don’t like the blue grass.
and also the purple/gold doesn’t look too bad.

Here is blue and purple I was talking about:


all black w/ black string

lol jk

half black half red

When did the M1s get a hex nut. Mine has a brass ring.

That is an older M1. The first runs had brass nuts.

which one are you planning to get pad response or flow groove… neither have red/black combination, flow groove doesnt have black at all and pad has black/orange combination and black yellow… what about black/pewter

Yeah I have the all purple one, I think the color is awesome. Woulda gotten the bluegrass on if it’d been out at the time, but oh well.

I was planning on getting a Pewter/Purple one. But then I found a Mint one for 45 bucks, i couldnt say no. Mine is Brown and Blue.

Those are Projects.

Not to go off topic, but have you ever used a MarkMont Samad?? I got a mint one in a straight up trade for my Pistolero. Just curious as to how they play?

Gentlemen, please.

There is only one M1 color.


That is all.

Fixed :smiley:

I thought everyone would have a similar color :(. But seems like nobody has even one thing in common!!!. So I think I’ll go with my choice which is black/gold. If anyone has it can you make a picture and post it here??

My M1 is red red red, and I love it. Except for the nicks and the scratch, but oh well

Can I see a red/black?