Which Color M1?


I’ve decided to get an M1. But I don’t know which color. I want it to have red on one side. And the other side ? I have no idea. Help!


Blue would look sweet on the other side with red.  I think they have those colors in stock with the flow groove version of the M1.



go with pewter tehy just kinda make eachother look amazing i got one and its pretty to just look at and its even cooler on the throw!


m1 spiderman edition lol ^



I’m thinking about maybe a Red/Blue, Red/Yellow, Red/Orange, Red/Peweter.


I think it would look awesome with Red on one side and Black on the other.

I have a M1 myself and it’s blue and black(they ran out of reds)


But you can’t see black well.


Red/Green (Watermelon)


Pics? Please…


Bump. I need pics of Red/Green, Red/Blue, and Red/Orange. ;D


Picture it to yourself. If you can’t, then we don’t have the color of m1 yoyos that you wanted to see.

Happy throwing! =]


I can’t.


I recommend the Red / Pewter color combo. i had one for a while and it looked like this, I called it the Buckeye:

But I was lucky enough to find someone that was willing to trade me for this M1:

You can’t go wrong with any M1 they all play great and the colors are nice and rich. Really just go with what you like, you will be amazed by the colors.


I just need a pic of green/red now.

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Personally I think Red/Blue is the way to go! ;D


well here are the colors side by side


Ty. I’m getting a watermelon.


is that wat you were lookin for


Thanks Guys!