m1 colors

I decided on getting the m1.
But, what colors would u guy recommend me getting.
If you can plz post a picture if you have one.

Well I have a blue/orange one but too lazy to take a pic of it :stuck_out_tongue: I would recommed to get a blue/ pewter one tho, it’s pretty cool. Look around the one drop forums and you should find a pic of one.

Just find a color combo you really like. This is the great about the One Drop store, you can mix the halves. If color is a great matter to you, I recommend that you wait until they restock. At the moment, you can only choose between three different colors with flow groove response, so you don’t have too much to choose from.

Again: Most people have some favorite colours, what are yours?

I like Gray and Red. I call it,“The Hurricane.” Yeah… :wink: