Lyn Fury

Is it good? Can i perform advance tricks with it? Is it better than Speedmaker? (Ignore my favourite yoyo)

Yes, its good.




Can the Lyn Fury be Thumb Grind or Finger Grind Like Those Metal Rim Yo-yo’s?: Dark Magic, Hitman, X-convict etc.

Pretty much yes.

Finger grinding might not be as fantastic, but you can do it.

It all comes down do preference.

-bearing type

In my opinion, it beats most $40 yoyos out there. Finger and arm grinds are possible, thumb grinds not so much

If you shave the orings or silicone it then clean the bearing it plays like a beast

how much is yyj paying this guy?**

Not one cent, in face, he pays Yoyojam about $16.

In the works of Henvey:


lol n00b, it’s P41Mf4C3…

It actually cannot thumb grind. You might be able to get lucky and do it once in a while, but it generally cannot thumb grind.

I can do it prety well on a Lyn…