thumb grinds???

is it possible to thumb grind with a lyn??? ???

For me, yes.

Some people say you can’t though

Can it happen? Yes.

Is it easy? No.

Does it take away from the fun because it’s hard? For me, just a little.

Mabe if u take caps out.

I don’t think the Lyn Fury has caps. Even if there are, it would help any because of how far back they are.

Try tilting your yoyo towards your thumb grinding thumb. So it’ll be easier to land.

Lyn’s do have caps. Removing them makes thumb grinding a lot easier, because you can stick your thumb much deeper.

Just make sure you throw at a slight angle, you can see thats what Andre did in a dogbite video to grind on a legacy. Just a slight angle and stick your thumb as far in as possible. It’s as easy as doing it on a hitman, but harder than a new breed.

ok…ive taken the caps out and throw it at a slight angle but when i pop it up onto my thumb it automatically bounces off! is there some unexplained reason for this O.o, or does this happen to a lot of people?

you have to stic kyou thumb pointing up into the lip and try to follow the yoyo so it doesnt fall

Just practice, this happens on almost everyone’s first try. Also, the more of an angle, the easier it gets. Just practice.

Don’t stick your thumb into the yoyo, let it land there.

thanks guys i can finally thumb grind now ;D

hey, it’s kinda off topic, but is the lyn fury any good (i assume thats what ur using?) I’m using a kickside atm, if lyn better or the same as that?

SOrry if this is off topic to thread, I’m new to fourms and don’t know where I’d post a Q like that, so seeing this, I jumped at the chance… =p

like everyone here says,“its all about prefrence…”
but in my opinion i think the lyn is a little bit better then the kickside

It is preference.

You said it yourself. In YOUR opinion.

thanks. I may get a lyn, but i want to see if anyone i know has one first. but thanks andways!

lyn has caps…

haha wow i phrased that wrong woops srry