help with Hitman


Can a Hitman thumb Grind? It always slips away when i do Thumb grinds, Please Help!!!


Yes, very well or me.



i dont do them on mine that much but i know they can:)
hope this kinda helped lol
just look it up


Like gm said, yes. Very well. However, you might need to angle your throw just a little bit until you get used to it.


You need to remove the caps, or else it is near impossible to do them with a straight throw. If you remove the caps, yes, it is thumb grindable with a straight throw. If you want to do them with the caps on, you will need to do a slight “UFO” throw. (slight angle)

Looks like its perfect, but its curved outwards, so if you take a stick and push outwards, it will slip off. So, you do need a slight angle for it if you’re not taking off the caps. So yes, you can do it, but throw tilted a bit.