Lyn Fury

Lyn Fury comes with Double O-ring Response System right? So, Can I remove the Both O-rings and pour in the groove a silicone?

  • Is the groove sufficient for applying Silicone in it?
  • Is it Okay to do it in a Lyn Fury?

its great to put it in and the groove is sufficient enough it makes it unresponsive and thight binds


Yup. I would also recommend putting some red shims in it. ;D

I you want unresponsiveness, silicone works well.

And so you don’t have to start another topic, they will be responsive at first with silicone, but break in.

If you don’t want to use silicone, use shims.

you can also use one drop flow grove pads :wink:

You can apply sili pads or silicone (flowable)
and break the silicone in. Then it will become unresponsive