Siliconing my Lyn Fury

(Erik) #1

Ok, first I would like to thank YoBrandon and Stevenyoyos and Phiz for their support in making this happen. Brandon especially walked me through the process. I think I would have trashed my Lyn Fury otherwise.

So, Monday night I got the bright idea to try to put some silicone into the grooves of my Lyn Fury. It has been too responsive lately and I couldn’t think of another way to fix it. (I had already tried cleaning the bearing. The bearing is nice and fast and clean, but the yoyo is still responsive).

Anyway, so I went at it, live in the chat room. I am happy to report that the operation seems to be a success. The sili is drying now. I will report back tomorrow about how it plays.

In the meantime, I took some pictures for you all to see.

The first one is a mess. I used way too much silicone and had to wipe it off. I used my finger at first (with a glove on), but that took too much off. I added more sili and scraped it down with an old credit card.

Second and third image are the completed job.

about 24 hours later… the sili came out pretty good. The yoyo is pretty responsive for now, but I am assured that it will break in over the next few days. Also, the sili should last 6 months or so… I guess that will depend.

Anyway, I’m glad I did it. Thanks again to everyone for their help!

Erik (formerly JoeSchmo)


Awesome! What silicone did you use?


WOW, i might just try to get a lyn or something to try that… great idea. :o :o :o


Yeah, when I first siliconed my Lyn, I messed up in the beginning too, but worse than you did. ::slight_smile:

It looks good, though. :slight_smile:

(Erik) #5

I should have mentioned this before, but to answer Kim Lan’s question, I used Permatex flowable silicone. It is clear and really watery. The other popular option is red silicone. That is less watery, but does not fill in the groove as well (so I am told).

I got the stuff at PepBoys in the gasket section. There are tons of liquid gasket types. Red, black, clear and others. The one I used is actually used for sealing window trim in cars. The others are for sealing engine parts together. A lot of those are for high temperature uses, so I didn’t get them.

One word of warning on this: a little silicone goes a long way. And wear gloves. Once it gets on your skin, its hard to clean off.



And yeah, most people use flowable silicone, but other people also use the other ones that you mentioned.

(Brandon Jackson) #7

Turned out awesome! high five

(Jeromy K.) #8

I did that last week it is nice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m going to mess around with my dm later… ;D