Flowable Silicone in a Lynn Fury

hi guys. is it a good idea to put flowable silicone on 1 side of my lynn fury? or should i just replace the o-rings with silicone?
whats your guys opinion?

it depends, do you want the lyn fury to be unresponsive? If so, yeah, either cut down the orings to be flush with the wall, or replace them with silicone. and clean the bearing.

Do whatever you want to do. The Lyn Fury IS compatible with flowable silicone.

I have one that I’m leaving completely stock. I have a second right now that I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with. I’m probably going to silicone that one. I’m debating getting a third for other modification purposes. The second one kinda came to me unexpectedly.

The thing that’s nice about the Lyn Fury is that it’s semi-responsive, it CAN come back with a tug, but you can bind it as well. I think it’s compatible with the regular YYJ silicone response pads as well. I don’t mind the few minutes it takes to silicone a yoyo.