lyn fury mods?

wat the title says… ;D

Thats all i can think of

yes the green thing is a lyn fury

my plays great with gray shims.
recessed sili
and satined.

2.KK bearing
3.Clean the bearing
5.Make your own pogs
6.Shave O-Rings

thanks for the help!! ;D

how do reshape it to look like that green project in the picture? that is sooo cool

i ment the green lyn :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes a lot of work and I’m not ready to share my secret

he puts it on a lathe or something of the sort and then lathes down the plastic untill its the shape he wanted. then he sands it while spinning and then its done (this takes a tremendous amount of skill, time, and patients)

When reshaping plastics, you use a drill, sand paper and a lot of time.

Thats not what I used

Leave it stock and clean the bearing!

i just realized that my old FAST 201 has weight rings and i was wonderin if anyone has any tips on how to put them in? ???