first serious mod


ok i just did my first serious mod on my lyn fury.
i say serious because th only thing i have done before this was small stuff like shimming.
i satined it.
flat rimmed it a little
pushed the wall by the bearing back a little
made IRG area flatter.
and gave it slightly more of an angular shape instead of the rounded one it had.

and now for the question part.
i got curious and was looking for a way to paint it, and figured spray paint and house paint would scrape off. so i used some paint that i bought when i painted my truck and was curious if you think this will work. i have already done it and will check it tomorrow to see if it has dried, but wanted to know your opinion

pics up. it looked good but then i sanded it to make it smoother because it was a little rough. the automotive paint has a little black running through it.
it grinds beautifully. shown beside a dv888. give me some criticism. and i know it isnt perfect.


well good job can you post some pics and for the paint it think with a deco-marker it sould turn ot good and also i found this video a while ago


Can also dye it (if its white or a light color to start with).


thanks guys. interestering video, and i considered dying it but had no dye and it is a black lf.


the pics are up of finished project. tell me what you think


GREAT MOD, keep up the good work!!! ;D


looks sweet. i recently modded my LF
it was the first modding i have ever done.
i put a kk bearing in after i cleaned it
i shaved down the o-rings
and satined finished i think
is satined finished when you sand it down and it is smooth


yes that is a satin finish


Nice, looks like a VK somewhat.