The myFury Project


This is my project for a modded Lyn Fury. This is my first attempt at modding. I will post pictures when I’m done. If anyone would like to try this project, I will be glad to help you along with making your myFury.

Satinize (100% Complete)
Rims for Grinding (100% Complete)
Silicone O-Ring Response System (100% Complete)
KonKave Bearing (100% Complete)
3 Minute Spin Time (100% Complete)
Made for Thumb Grinding (100% Complete)
1 Minute Spin Time with NO Bearing (100% Complete)
O-Ring Weight Rings (50% Complete)
Removing of all Brandings (100% Complete)
No Wobble (100% Complete)
One-Spacer Design (100% Complete)

Optional: Custom-Painted Side Caps (0% Complete)
Optional: Synergy Caps (0% Complete)


good luck. hop you succed.


That was the quickest response I have ever seen! :wink:


Cool. I did the same thing with my KS

Good luck.


Thanks for the contribution! I think I might try this! :wink:


dude thats a great mod, im gonna get one and do the same, maybe


All I have left is finishing the weight rings.

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #8

Where did you get the weight rings? I’m looking for some for my 201! :o


I’m just using large rubber o-rings.