Modded lyn furry... everything was done on a drill

ok i just got a lyn in the mail so i decided to mod it cause well it was kinda melted like a chemical one so i thought what ever i dont even care now. So here are the pics.

ok so the mods i did were
put silli in(not really a mod for yyj)
flat rimmed
weight rings
and lowered the centre weight
i am not finished yet i was thinking of lowering the surface area where the string is and maybe if i have time put copper on the rims kinda like the new breed.
and sorry for the bad pics i will try to find my camera.
And try to be nice i mean i did do all of this on a hand drill with a set of screw drivers and no scale or other measuring tools.  But so far it cam out great it can sleep for around 90 sec with my bad throw the weight is ok i guess cause its completely smooth and doesnt tilt or anything.
tell me what you think and any way i can improve it.

Wow thats Nice!


very good looking

Not too shabby. 8)

thanks. not to bad with hand drill and a set of dollar store micro screw drivers

That’s SWEET!!! Good job

looks like a project or a dv888 looks nice :smiley:

BAAAAAAALLLLLLLINNNNNNN!!! That is sooo awesome. Where’s you get the weight rings?

Ooooooooooooooooooohhhh… I wanna tharow it so bad :o ;D

i got it off yoyog*y a year ago and never used them to now. and you can throw it… i am going to put it on the bts thread when i am finished.

Nice work, just be careful, with the extra weight and less plastic it maybe break.

It look’s nice!

Awesome! how do you make the rims flat?

You cut them flat.

what do you mean by i cut them flat if you mean the rims then yes

It’s like it was obvious who I was replying to…oh wait, it was.