Lyn Fury help

hi ppl, i jus started yoyoing a few months ago.

can i know how long can lyn fury sleep with its original bearing?
-my longest sleep time is abt 45sec,can i still improve?

Also when should i change to a hybrid or metal yoyo?

  • i jus finsh learning intermediate, starting to practice on advance 1.

actually it depends on your throw…i can get 2 min sleeper with my friends lyn fury stocked, so i gues you can get better…

for the hybrid and metal part its up to you.For me i got my hybrid at the expaert 2 and i dont have a metal yoyo.Im getting one after 1 year of yoyoing but right now i have played only for 6 months…

I’ve never tried a Lyn Fury, but I’m sure you could get it to sleep longer. Just work on your throw and getting it nice a straight and strong.

Getting a hybrid or metal yoyo is all up to you. You could probably get nearly done with this site with the Lyn if you wanted to and had a good throw. However, if you think it would help, get one, but remember that no yoyo sleeps for a certain amount of time and that that isn’t the only thing that makes other yoyos better or worse. Oh and also remember no yoyo is better than another, just different.

I would just practice those throws and make sure it is straight.

oh, thx ppl. i will try and improve ;D
but how do i get my yoyo to be stable.

cos everytime i throw a sleeper, if the string is in centre, the yoyo would not be balance after abt 30 second.

also how do i kept my string in the centre without using a kk bearing??

Same as we said before. Work on your throw and you’ll get it =)

Yeah. The yoyo can’t balance if its not spinning. So if it starts not to balance, it means that the spin is getting weak. Just practice throwing the yoyo straight and strong. But while you’re at it, make sure you are learning tricks. Don’t spend all your time working on your throw for nothing. While working on your throw, learn new tricks.

kk, got it:)

thx for all the help