Luftverk Evora Ti7075 WINNER!


Check out our Instagram Story to find out how we picked a winner:

If you didn’t win - don’t worry. YoyoexpertGarrett still wants to give away THREE of the new colors! So stay tuned - because I actually don’t know how he will pick the winners or when he will either. WERE COUNTING ON YOU GARRETT!

Thank you everyone for all the kind comments - Ill be sure to come back with more giveaways in the future :slight_smile:

Much love,


Sweet. A post with that much effort is definitely worthy. Congratulations!

Really cool contest, thanks for doing that.

Congratulations to the winner. Thank you for having this giveaway.

Congratulations to the winner! :slight_smile: and thanks for the great give away! :slight_smile:



Congrats to the winner. They’re a new member and that was their first post…I hope they at least stick around for a little while.

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[b]Congrats to Mooshi, Ri Crosier, & andy569!

You have won one of the new mystery color SKYVA! We will contact you for shipping info and they will ship when they release![/b]

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Haha! Great punchline! Congratulations all!

Woah! I’ve never won a giveaway nearly this big before ;D I hope it’s a blue or yellow, but I’m just happy to be adding a 3rd Skyva to my collection. Thanks for doing the giveaway guys :slight_smile:

Would I be able to take advantage of the free shipping to buy some other stuff with it?

Feeling so lucky! This yoyo looks amazing. I’ll post a review when it arrives. Can’t wait!

Congrats to all the winners!

One of the great things about this awesome community is anything can happen here. Old timers that been around the block on here or newcomers fresh to this forum world, everyones got a shot at winning something amazing. Pretty cool deal. Congrats on the win.

To the winner of the 7075 Evora, you deserved the win. You clearly put a lot of effort into your post.

Woohoo! Thanks Garrett!! :slight_smile:

I need to do more of these. Maybe a free titanium? ???

Till next time!

Congrats everyone! :slight_smile: