GWAY Throws Giveaway! - Yo-Yo's - Giftcards & More - Winner Announcement Update!

9/11/2021 Update!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to this contest! The winners have been selected

Daredevil Yo-Yo: Scott K.

Saboteur Yo-Yo: Nathan N.

Yo-Yo Expert Giftcard: Wilson N.

Bad Wolfe. Co giftcard: Pending Acceptance

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Original Post

GWAY Throws is happy to announce our first giveaway!

Thank you to YoYo Expert for allowing us to host this here and really being a fixture within the community along with contributing to the prizes. I am really appreciative of the support the community has shown and figured it would be nice to do a giveaway; 4 people will win!

Whats up for grabs:

1 - GWAY Throws Daredevil – The Daredevil is a 7068 D Bearing throw; slightly undersized but with a full-sized punch. It’s our second release [More news on this soon].

2 - GWAY Throws Saboteur – A colorway from the first production run in a colorway that’s sold out and unavailable in stores. The newest run is currently in stock at YoYo Expert in the new releases section.

3 - Yo-Yo-Expert $75.00 gift card – It’s hard to match the selection and service at Yo-Yo Expert, providing fast shipping all over the globe.

4 – Bad Wolfe Co. String $25.00 Discount Code – BWC has an astonishing amount of custom colorways and handmakes each order for your throwing pleasure [One time use code].

How To Enter

  • Follow our company Instagram [@GWAY_Throws] and tag a friend on the giveaway post there
  • Comment here and tell me what the first yoyo you purchased yourself was!

This contest will run from 8/17 until 8/25 at 11:59EST

Winners will be notified via Instagram and/or the YoYo Expert Forum and must respond within 72 hours to claim prize or another winner will be selected. Winner is responsible for shipping charges from the United States to the final destination location (provided by the winner) for physical prizes. Contest rules are subject to change and may be discontinued at any time based on the sole discretion of GWAY Throws.


(I’m @assistanttotheassistant on ig) My first yoyo purchase was a Duncan butterfly xt

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Its really crazy because its hard to find somebody who hasn’t had at least one Duncan product! My first purchase was a Hyperwarp Heavywing!

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The first yoyo I ever purchased myself was the yomega prodigy.

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I guess there’s a reason why their slogan is “The Original”. The other part is really just an opinion now.

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I’m @hankeringforyoyos on Instagram. My very first yoyo is the YYF One and the YYF Heist (bought both at the same time).

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First yoyo I bought was a Bumble Bee.


first yoyo i purchased was a henrys lizard :grin:

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and i dont know any yoyoers personally yet who should i tag ? pretty new to throwing :man_shrugging:t5:

thats my insta ( just started ) Lion (@ldtravel_yoyo) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

My ig is

The first yoyo i bought was a Duncan freehand 2 when I was in high-school. Just recently got back into the hobby :slight_smile:
Thanks for giving us a chance!

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The first yo-yo that I ever purchased was Paul Kerbels signature yo-yo the Horizon, love that yo-yo.

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My first Yoyo was a YYF fast 201! I actually got it about 16-17 years ago when I was in the hospital recovering from a major surgery, I had a little bit of money from my parents to spend in the hospital gift shop to buy something to entertain myself, no iPads or Netflix back then haha and for some reason I grabbed a Yoyo having no idea what this community and hobby was, the rest was history!

My Ig is @daily_downgrade

I’m @scotty_kill on Instagram. My first purchase after discovering modern yoyoing was a YoTricks Sage. I had a couple Duncan Butterfly and Imperial yoyos over the years though.

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Im yet to buy something duncan. One day​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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My first throw as kid was a Duncan imperial. After a 25 year hiatus my first modern unresponsive throw was a YYF shutter WA

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My first yoyo was a super spinfaktor

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My first yoyo was the spintastic tornado but the first one I actually bought myself was the yoyofactory fast 201.

Went ahead and commented here and on the Instagram post.

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My first was a Yomega Firestorm Wildfire. I might be saying that wrong. No clue as to what happened to it. Came from McDonald’s I believe. But I loved it,and it got me throwing in highschool.

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