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So… my mom was looking at yo yo accessories… And found this Yomega Lube pen with a couple of strings…
What’s better a Lube pen? or a Lube bottle? I kept telling her that a lot of people like the YoyoJam’s Lube Bottle of thick and thin…
But she was still looking at the Yomega stuff… Anything?


Gorillus is my favorite.


k… what’s the difference though? What do you favor? Need opinions! Lube pen or bottle?
Does one have more accuracy or something?


It doesn’t reduce spin times as much. I don’t care for liquid lubes.


So lube bottles are much better…?


Brain lube? Try v4m, glorillious, or yyj thin lube. These are good, I’ve used then all. I never used the Yomega lube, plus the strings appear to be cotton.


Yomega Lube is VERY thick, it’s designed for looping yoyos and for responsiveness. I’m guessing you’re an unresponsive thrower? Another great alternative would be Valve Oil for trumpets. I used to use this stuff. I just pretty much use YYJ Thin Lube now.


Dry lube is better. Neither, Brain Lube is particullarly bad.


I prefer the bottle, because you can open the bottle and stick the needle tip in there and lube the bearing.


Bottle is my favorite because you can stick the needle in it

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Thanks guys


The container is immaterial. Yomega Brain lube and YYJ thick are geared to responsive play, though they can both be used in unresponsive yoyos. If used sparingly. they work just fine. YYJ thin is designed for unresponsive play, but if used too much will also make your yoyo responsive as well. It’s more in the manner it’s applied than the type with all 3 of those.