lowest quality for price vs highest quality for price.


What do yoyo’s do you guys think fits in each?

Like for me- Highest price for lowest quality IMO would be the AG2 or 888x.

Lowest price for highest quality would be like Capless, or Protostar.


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Highest Price for Lowest Quality- YYF Avant Garde 2.

Lowest Price for Highest Quality- YYF , RecRev TA-1


Low price - High quality: Protostar/Northstar
High price - Low quality: A pair of Yomega Raider ['cause of all the modding and hitting on other things. ] Not saying it’s crap, but just saying it breaks pretty easy.


high-price to low performance: i wouldnt know acually.

low price to high performance: protostar


High price, low performance - Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2
Low price, high performance - Classic



I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of the product. The accepted way to mod a raider is what breaks them. You’re right on the edge when you get to the cranking phase of the mod. A stock raider holds up very well.

For me the lowest price/highest quality is the YYJ journey. Good quality throw at a very good price. One of my all time favorites.


I ultimately agree on both. The Bape.2 didn’t do it for me. More of a luxury throw than performer, if that makes sense.



For highest quality for price I would say Di Base it could literally be twice the price!


Horrible misuse of the word ‘quality’

This whole thread is poisoned by it.

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Sometimes I just picture Ben rubbing his temples and taking a deep breath. :wink:


Lowest quality for the price? Wow, what a question.

I wouldn’t say exactly “lowest quality” for the price. For me, in my opinion, I feel the YYF Skyline plays more like it should be priced around $80. I didn’t really care for this yoyo too much but it did play pretty good. I jut felt the price didn’t match the performance for me in my opinion.

Highest quality for the price? Also loaded, but at least it’s not negative. I take this one you want an answer of “lowest price for highest quality”. Magic T5? YYJ Classic? If we’re willing to look up the line QUITE a bit, I’d like to say the YYF Equilateral. I’m not trying to undo any damage I may have caused. Seriously. This yoyo really clicked with me immediately. For the price, I feel it plays MUCH in a much higher price bracket. Of course, we’re talking about a $110 yoyo, so you expect it to be really good. This really surprised me in some ways. First, I am a big fan of the Mickey-signature yoyos, so I figured this would be a good, safe bet. What I received was much better than I was expecting. Good job on this one, now make a LOT more!!!

Others would be the DiBase, Freq. Wave, and yes, the Classic and Magic YoYo T5.


Lowest Quality for price: Definitely an Anti-Yo, probably YWET or Vis/BP2, but I really don’t hold it against them. I think Anti-Yo’s mission includes taking a yoyo and making it interesting in some other way, and at that, they often succeed. There’s something about their products that still feel “worth it” even if I don’t think they’re the best players

Highest quality, lowest price-…Probably the Whip. I think it’s great fun, and actually pretty capable. Plus, the Ann Connolly version includes a Center Trac and the whole yoyo sells for less than the Center Trac alone. So, they’re paying you a dollar to own a pretty good plastic. Can’t beat that.


I personally believe that the Eternal Throw “Victory” is a Fantastic YoYo !!
For $90.00 you have a super stable throw with side effects and a great looking ano job as well.
I’m a bit cynical about sub $100.00 YoYo’s, but I had to speak up about the Victory.

I’m not comfortable bagging on a YoYo being a high price, low quality.
I’ll leave that for others to decide…

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Wait, are we talking about quality or value?