Which yoyo, driving me insane ;)


So I’ve been thinking again and I’m wondering, which one would seem to be a better option:

3-4 plastic yoyos

2 medium priced high end yoyos

1 realy high quality throw

2 plastics and 1 medium priced high end throw

So tell me what to think and which ones to get


Honestly, price and material does not matter. Find a yo-yo, or a couple yo-yos that best meets your style and get them.


It depends, personally I’d go for 1 really high quality throw. But if you’re trying to find what type of yoyo you prefer or if you just want to experiment with something new, go for one of the other routes.

(SR) #4

What is your TOTAL budget here? I’ll find good yoyos for you if you give me a total budget.


I’ve reached the point in my collection where I pretty much just buy the ludicrously expensive top end stuff unless there’s something that really has me curious. When I started, I was mainly going for the mid-end stuff with a few plastics as carry throws.



It looks like you already have a couple lower end throws, so I vote for two mid-priced throws. Throws I like are the Supernova, Genesis, and Burnside. Though that’s probably more mid-high end. More moderately priced throws that I’d like to try are the YYF Checkmate, Phenomizm, Gfunk, Capless, and Dv888.


It’s hard to really say without knowing a lot more.

There’s no clear answer. The correct answer is “buy what you feel will work the best for you”, and of course, that fits within your budget.

I’m at the point with my collection where I just buy whatever I want. For me, price is merely an object to facilitate commerce. Speaking of which, I got a DM2 I need to take care of with a BST-deal that kind of presented itself to me.

Yes, I still buy $10 yoyos! Love the Classic. Looking to buy some “high dollar” items if there’s a sale for National YoYo Day.

What I would say for you is that I feel you know how to bind. I think maybe it’s time to spoil yourself and go with something “high end”. Look to One Drop, CLYW, SPYY, even some of the higher YYJ’s and YYF’s, as well as Duncan(the Barracuda is sweet!!). However, don’t feel obligated to blow your budget, as there’s some amazing moderately priced yoyos with mind-blowing performance.