lost package

i traded and the person said he sent it and i want to track the package
how can i do it

If he didn’t get a tracking number then you can’t. What makes you think the package was lost?

its been like 2 weeks

Are you sure he got the address right?

yes i checked my out box

I think there’s a high chance that the guy sent it to the wrong address. Check his trade count, if it’s generally pretty lower (0-3), there’s a possibility you could have been scammed.

I didn’t ask if you could type your address.
I asked if he sent it to the correct address.
As in, he didn’t mess up the zip code and send it 2000 miles in the wrong direction.
Did you confirm it with him?

yes and theres no tracking code or recite

If you don’t mind, who did you trade with?

Then there is no way to track it.
However, if it went first class to an unresolvable address of didn’t have enough postage, it will take about 2 weeks to return to him.
Also, if it was sent parcel post there may be an additional delay due to the holiday.